Fire & Rescue

The payload, load space, mobility and single rear wheel format of the 6×6 HILOAD is ideally suited to a number of specialist Fire & Rescue applications.

The equipment cabins offer significantly more space than 4×4 pick-up trucks with ample payload to carry a wide array of equipment and media,

The 6×6 drivetrain offers an enhanced level of off-road mobility for wild-fire and incidents in remote locations.

The vehicle can also be used in urban underground and multi-storey car parks with 190cm height limits.

  • 190cm Height for Urban Car-Parks.
  • Double Cabin with Automatic Gearbox.
  • Sufficient space and payload for many configurations.
  • High levels of mobility.
  • Hydraulic power take-off from engine bay.
  • Stiff chassis for mounting bodies of various types.
  • Driving position and driving comfort levels very much like a normal car.

There is nothing in the market-place that has the capability of this vehicle.