This six-wheeled Toyota Hilux fire truck is built especially for electric car fires

If you’re familiar with EVs, you’ll know two things about their relationship with fire: one, that they’re far less likely than petrol cars to catch fire; and two, they’re also much harder to put out once ablaze. Hmm.

This poses a problem for underground and multi-storey car parks: how do you stop the electric car acting like a match in a hay barn when a fire engine can’t get to it?..

Thermal runaway EV battery fires controlled with water cutting tech

Water jet tech from Swedish firm Cold Cut Systems could be deployed against the increasing threat of so-called thermal runaway blazes in electric vehicle batteries, following successful tests by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (SCCA).

The risk of fires in EVs, though small, is a big worry for fire services. Lithium-ion batteries burn fiercely, potentially producing ‘jet flames’ and venting highly..