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We produce 6×6 chassis and supply them with engineering support to specialist vehicle conversion companies.

We produce vehicles in the UK, can send conversion modules to export markets for final assembly and for volume projects can undertake data-pack, local parts production and licence build.

We have CAD of the chassis to enable design proposals to made to the final customer and comprehensive technical support available when required.

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The payload, load space, mobility and single rear wheel format of the 6×6 HILOAD is ideally suited to a number of specialist Fire & Rescue applications

The equipment cabins offer significantly more space than 4×4 pick-up trucks with ample payload to carry a wide array of equipment and media,

The 6×6 drivetrain offers an enhanced level of off-road mobility for wild-fire and incidents in remote locations.

The vehicle can also be used in urban underground and multi-storey car parks with 190cm height limits.

For the Fire & Rescue role 6x6 HILOAD offers

  • 190cm Height for Urban Car-Parks.
  • Double Cabin with Automatic Gearbox.
  • Suffi cient space and payload for many confi gurations.
  • High levels of mobility.
  • Hydraulic power take-off from engine bay.
  • Stiff chassis for mounting bodies of various types.
  • Driving position and driving comfort levels very much like a normal car.

There is nothing in the market-place that has the capability of this vehicle.


There have been many fleets of light utility vehicles that have been used in the armed forces of Europe, Australia and the Middle East that have blended the payload, load space and mobility capabilities of 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles.

These fleets have been based on Mercedes Benz G-Wagen, Land Rover and Pinzgauer with the 6×6 building upon and expanding the capability of a 4×4.

The same can be done with Toyota Hilux, with a light utility fleet blending 4×4 and 6×6 capability using the same drive-train and logistics.

A 6×6 vehicle solves this problem by adding an additional axle which increases payload to 3,000Kg, increasing load bed length by 1230mm.

Crucially the 2 rear axles spreads the increased load to lower and optimise ground pressure between the 3 axles, thereby boosting vehicle mobility,

Within the Light Utility Vehicle application there are many applications that have used 6×6 Light Utility Vehicles:

  • Mobile Command Post
  • Ambulance
  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Maintenance Vehicle
  • Cable Line Layer
  • Special Operations Vehicles
  • Special Forces Re-Supply / Mothership
  • Light Mortar / 105mm Light Gun
  • Telescopic Mast / Surveillance / Shelter
  • Airfield Fire & Rescue



As the user requirement expands to include more life support equipment and up to 4 litter patients the 4×4 vehicles upon which battlefi eld ambulances have been based are no longer suitable and require more space, payload and corresponding mobility.



Upto 12 crew can be accomodated in the cab and rear crew area which can also be configured to take pallets / load.



Lightweight mortar systems are being developed for light pick-up vehicles.

Mounting the mortar on the 6×6 Hilux enables a significant increase in the number of mortar rounds that can be carried or an increase in crew size.


A Light Utility Vehicle application that requires a lot more space to accommodate the Cable Laying module and crew.



Using a 6×6 Light Utility Vehicle enables the vehicle to carry the full gun crew, equipment and minimum ammunition load on one vehicle.

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In the last 10 to 15 years pick-up vehicles have been used extensively to operate as Intervention Vehicles for Special Forces teams.

In many cases these user groups have reported that they have proven to be too small to carry a full team of operators safely.

They also lack the space and payload to enable the integration of increasingly heavy and complex Assault Systems which combine hydraulic ramps, platforms and ladders.

The 6×6 HILOAD offers a vehicle platform which is low in height and is extremely stable due to the load-sensing suspension and anti-roll bar set-up on the 2 rear axles. The suspension system on the rear can be locked on target to further stabilize the whole vehicle when operators are assaulting.

The increased payload and load-space enables much larger and more capable assault systems to be mounted on the vehicle along with larger teams of operators.

The payload also opens up the potential of zoned armour to protect the operators on approach to target.

The Prospeed project team have considerable experience in the supply of vehicles and systems of this type and work closely with leading suppliers of such Intervention Systems to enable them to develop solutions for their customers.




Crucially it is the additional load space and ability to move weight to the rear axles and away from the front axle that enables the 6×6 HILOAD to solve the operational issues presented by the use of 3500Kgs 4×4 pick-ups.



The 6×6 HILOAD releases soil engineers from using trailers to transport the mobile drilling machine which limits speed of deployment and ability to get the slow moving machine to the numerous each sampling site.



We are working with FD 4×4 Centre in Holland to develop a 6×6 version of their 4×4 Tembo e-LV which us based on Toyota Hilux

Under development for many years and now being manufactured in Holland for underground mining operations around the world the Tembo in 4×4 and 6×6 formats solves the underground emissions problem.

POWER: 60KW Continuous power, peak power 95KW

TORQUE: Continuous torque 165Nm, Peak Torque 250NM

TRANSFER CASE: Full-Time 4WD, Differential Lock, High Gear 1:1, Low Gear 2.488:1

BATTERY: 28kWh, 395 Volt (nominal), IP67 and ISO12405-2

Winter Access