Special Forces Intervention


In the last 10 to 15 years pick-up vehicles have been used extensively to operate as Intervention Vehicles for Special Forces teams.

In many cases these user groups have reported that they have proven to be too small to carry a full team of operators safely.

They also lack the space and payload to enable the integration of increasingly heavy and complex Assault Systems which combine hydraulic ramps, platforms and ladders.

The 6×6 HILOAD offers a vehicle platform which is low in height and is extremely stable due to the load-sensing suspension and anti-roll bar set-up on the 2 rear axles. The suspension system on the rear can be locked on target to further stabilize the whole vehicle when operators are assaulting.

The increased payload and load-space enables much larger and more capable assault systems to be mounted on the vehicle along with larger teams of operators.

The payload also opens up the potential of zoned armour to protect the operators on approach to target.

The Prospeed project team have considerable experience in the supply of vehicles and systems of this type and work closely with leading suppliers of such Intervention Systems to enable them to develop solutions for their customers.